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5 Ways to Overcome The Fear Of Selling

The term Selling, can be a feared word, by all but the most successful business owners. It seems that, even though we all know we need to "sell" our products, many of us feel scared and  anxious about actually doing so. Below are 5 tips to help you overcome your fear and turn it into excitement.
1- Figure Out The Fear- What is it that scares you? The fear of someone not liking you or your products? The fear of sounding way to pushy? Once, you figure what exactly scares you, you can work on getting over it!
2- Address The Issue- Take action to overcome the fear. This could mean, sounding more natural when speaking to people, rather than sounding like a boring book. Or, improving your products to fit your customers needs and wants.
3- Show Your enthusiasm- In order to productively sell a product, you need to show your enthusiasm and passion for your products and services. If you love the products you offer, you are more than likely going to sell them much better! Why? Because when you talk about them, people will be able to tell that you enjoy them, not just sell them. A perspective customer is more likely to make a purchase of a new product is he or she feels comfortable. If you would not use it or purchase it, you might want to choose different products to sell.
4- Have Fun- Rather than approaching this from a heavy "have to", perspective find a fun, interesting way to share your knowledge or passion. Think about what you would consider fun!
5-Keep Practicing- Like any other  skill, "selling" gets easier the more you do it. So get out, start small, and practice, practice, practice!!! Remember, Practice makes perfect!



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