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Paper Plate Duck

Supplies Needed: Paper plate, scissors, glue, stapler, pencil,  yellow and orange construction paper, crayons, paint or markers, and wobbly Eyes
1st Step:
Trace your hands on the yellow construction paper, then cut the hands out. If you don't have yellow construction paper, use white paper, then paint or color it yellow.
2nd Step:
Fold Your paper plate in half and paint it yellow.
3rd Step:
Staple the cut out hands near the fold on one end - these will be the tail feathers.
4th Step:
Use the yellow construction paper and cut out a circle (about 3 inches across or a little bigger) --for the duck's head.
Use the orange construction paper and  cut out an elongated oval with one end cut off -- this will be the duck's bill. Fold the end of the beak over, making a small tab (this is where you will put the glue).
5th Step:
Glue the bill onto the circle (put the glue on the small tab that will be folded under the bill). Draw eyes above the bill (or glue on small googly eyes).
Staple the head to the paper plate (near the fold line, opposite the tail feathers).
6th Step:
Use the orange construction paper and cut out the duck's feet - they should be connected by a short strip of paper. To draw each foot, start with an oval, then draw a zigzag on one end.
Fold the paper where the feet meet the strip of paper.
Final Step:
Staple each foot to the bottom of one side of the paper plate, right inside the fold line of the foot.
You now have a cute standing duck!

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