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Hold That Pose
Ask everyone to respond to these questions by following directions, precisely.
If you have a car and know how to drive hold up your right hand.
If you enjoy being around people, wiggle your fingers.
If you have a phone and love to talk, hold up your left hand.
If you have lot of____ products, raise your left leg.
If you like money, and want more, raiser your right leg.
Now pick one of the most enthusiastic people from those who have two hands and legs in the air. Have everyone else hold their position until guest comes up front. Then have the guest introduce themselves to the group and select a  product you offer  he or she wants to buy or has at home and have them demonstrate it. Tell them you have something special to talk to them about later. This is a great recruiting game. Give everyone a gift for being such a good sport.
Company Letters
Have everyone write your company name across the top of a piece of paper. Set your timer for 2 minutes and have guests make up as many words as possible by rearranging the letters into other words. The guest that has the most words wins.

Give everyone a piece of paper and pen. Let them know that you will be asking them to pull things out of their purse. Whoever pulls the most of these items wins the prize 
1. A pen, Say, “Now you can fill out your order.”
2. MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit cards  "You can use one of these credit cards when you place your order tonight. I take cash and checks too."
3. Address Book  "You can use your address book to make a guest list for your own show"
 4. House Keys "You can use your house keys to open your home to friends and family so that they can have fun like we are tonight.”
5. Car Keys  " You can use your car keys to drive to the friends home who books tonight.”
6. Checkbook  "If your checkbook contains checks, but not as
much money as you would like, you can talk to me at the end of the party and I can help you put more money in there."
7. Calculator  "You can use this to total your free merchandise that you would like Home And Garden Party to give you when you have your own party."
8. Pen  "You will need this to write a letter to tell your current boss goodbye when you start your new career with Home & Garden Party.”
9. Chap stick  "You will need this to freshen your lips after you talk to every one you know about Home & Garden Party, so that you can receive $15 Free for every one you refer that does a party or turns in a brochure order.
10. Cell Phone "You need to call everyone you know to come to your show."
11. Having a purse. You deserve that just for packing all those things around.


More Will Be Added Soon!




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