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Nitro Clicks
08 Aug 2002 I joined Nitroclicks last December and worked every task they asked me to. I recruited 37 people and NEVER violated their agreement in any way, shape or form. When I got to about $300, the tasks started to dwindle to maybe 1 month. I struggled but FINALLY got my total up to $498.90. Wow! I thought, I'm just about there! And boom! They cancelled my account claiming I had "multiple serious violations" but whenever I asked what they were, and I must have asked about 20 times, they either never responded or responded that they were looking into it and would get back to me. All that work I did for them and got screwed just as I was at the point of being paid. I started with them because I needed extra money. So, 7 months and all that work with NO money! It's just cruel and unfair.
What We Have Found Out About NitroClicks
The company known as Nitroclicks claims to pay you to visit websites and join newsletters. The company says they pay you $10 for joining, $0.20 to $4.00 for each assignment completed and a percentage for each personal you refer to join the program. They make the opportunity sound easy to do and make it seem as if you can really make a lot of money doing it.
The scam- They fail to tell you when you originally  join that you do not get paid until they owe you $500.00 to start off with. The company makes it impossible to even reach $500.00. Once you become close to reaching the required $500.00, your account will freeze up and they say you have to many violations. You can email all day long, and no one will return emails.
They have also been know to edit the amount due on your account. There is nothing any one can do about this, because no one returns emails.
If you are currently working with this company, it is suggested, you remove yourself from the program, so you do not waste any more of your time!
More info can be found about this scam and others at




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