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National Home Employment Services
NHES advertises "clerical" home-based positions. (They also offer assembly positions but I only requested clerical). On April 13th, I sent an electronic application with a online draft for $24.95. They responded that my application had been received and I would get my results via e-mail in 14 to 20 business days. The clerical positions they advertise are things like data entry, word processing, email processing and typing. On May 1st I received my response. There were seven companies listed. First, you had to contact each company by U.S. Mail and sent them a SASE. Then, each company sent you back information that anyone with the address could get for free. All seven companies required a "fee" ranging from $30-$50 to be set up in their program. Finally, out of the seven companies, five were nothing but basic "place an ad and stuff the SASE's" offers. Two of the five were actually the exact same set of flyers sent from different states under different company names. The sixth offer was from America Media Associates to work as a name compiler  (still requiring an upfront fee). The final offer was really depressing, they called the position "phone advice and counseling", it turned out to be an offer to set you up with a 900# on a psychic network! Most of the companies positions were listed as data entry, mail processing or typing assignments but none of those positions were ever offer to me. I wrote the company on May 15 and let them know how disappointed I was with there service and how I felt their advertising is misleading. I also included a rundown of the offers I received. To date, I have not received any response from NHES.
What We Found Out About NHES...
The company claims to offer you work at home jobs working with several well known companies. They do not state that there will be more fees incurred! They charge a processing fee, ranging in price depending on which of their websites you visit. Once you send them your application, they will send job offers. The job offers they send, require more money to get started.
They also claim that you are guaranteed a refund if you are unsatisfied, however if you email them regarding it your refund, they always have reasons, why you do not qualify for the money back guarantee!
You can find more info on this scam and other at



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