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Follow your heart... Work at home!
By Lori Redfield 
There are so many ways that women can make a living while staying home with their children. The number one rule of thumb of course is -- Do what you LOVE! If you love what you do, not only will you be good at it, but your enthusiasm will be 'catchy' and you will undoubtedly be successful.

Women are often surprised to find out how many supporters they have out there in the world. People truly resonate with the ideal of children having their Mothers home with them - and I have found that they often times are more than willing to compromise and work with you to make it possible.

We will be adding links and articles to this page to inspire you and give you ideas - but the most important message I want to give you is to look in your heart. What do you WANT to do? What are you GOOD at? OR - What do you know you COULD be good at if given the chance? That is where you will find your genuine niche and your genuine happiness.

If you have an educational background - don't be afraid to branch out on your own and use it. One close friend of mine makes well over $100,000 a year running a Public Relations business out of her home office. She is a confident, loving and courageous women who dared to step forward and live her dream. Her husband has told me that you wouldn't be able to get Amy to stop what she is doing, it IS what she adores. Meanwhile, both she and her daughter benefit from the closeness of her BEING THERE.

We can substitute Mom - but there is no replacement for Mom. You love your children more than anyone is capable of doing.

If you have computer skills, there are all sorts of 'jobs' you can do from home. More and more companies are launching websites these days -- many business are strictly web based and have no brick-and-mortar establishment. So who do they hire to work for them? Virtual Assistants (VA's)! We will be giving you a lot of information on pursuing becoming a VA in different articles on the site. But briefly, a VA executes the same types of functions that an administrative assistant executes - only from her home office.

Are you creative? Artistic? Do you have a flair for Marketing? Could you open a Home Day Care or a local Errand Business? Can you offer massage therapy? How about a Kennel?

What I am trying to touch on here is that there really is no end to what you can come up with to do from your home. You simply have to embrace your desires and your dreams - do some planning and implement!

Lori Redfield is a work at home mother of three boys and the founder of newly launched, - an eSource for the Professional Mom




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