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Here you will find several great articles on family life and parenting!

Featured Article

Without a doubt, the most problematic four-letter word for human beings is more. And when it comes to understanding discipline, you simply cannot discount the important role that "more" plays between you and your child.
Read More On- Motivations For Misbehavior
Balancing Work & Family- B-A-L-A-N-C-E: we all seek it, but few of us have it. Our work-family juggling is so busy it's hard to make time to figure out how to seek balance in the first place! Because you're busy, we squeezed Life@Work's entire issue of "Balance: Life's Juggling Act" into one article—a blueprint for work-family balance.
Seven Things Fathers Need to Know About Raising a Daughter- Let's talk about 7 key areas; protection, conversation, affection, discipline, laughter, faith and conduct.
Parenting and Running A Home Based Business- If you work from home, chances are you know it can be tough balancing work and family under one roof. Home-based business owners Chuck and Sue DeFiore offer some tips to ease some work-at-home stress.
Tips For Parenting Long Distance- Whether your children live miles away or you are often separated with business travels or military deployments, here are a few
ideas that will help you keep in touch with your kids.

How to Talk to Your Children About War and Other Horrific Events- In times of national emergency, our youngsters may need extra comfort and support. Parents may find it difficult to keep their emotions in check after Tuesday's tragedies, but it is important to take time to reassure children that everything will be all right and that they will be taken care of. Here are some suggestions about talking to your kids about war and other crises...




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