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Dear WAHP Network

Have questions about business or need business advise? Ask us! Dear WAHP is like the well know Dear Abby! Write us for help or advise, and watch to see what we reply! Below you will find answers or advise requests to comments sent in!
Dear WAHP,
I have been involved with a company for 1 year now and everything was fine at first, but now I do not even get paid my commissions. It has been 2 months now, without any pay. I have called the company several times, and no one will return my calls. I was forced to submit my letter of removal from the company. My question to you would be, what can I do about getting my back commissions?  Thank You,
Angry Consultant
Dear Angry Consultant,
You are kind of in a bad situation. I would recommend, contacting the company in writing requesting your back commissions. I would also contact the BBB and the Direct Selling Association. They can not necessarily  help you, however you will be able to file complaints, and get them on document. These things tend to happy with new companies or companies getting ready to go under. If you get no response via your letter, the next step would be to file a small claim in court.
The Work AT Home Parents Network
Dear WAHP,
I am writing today in hope of getting some advise on a business matter that is bothering me. I have been involved with a DS company for over a year now, and just recently they have changed their commission structure. I used to be labeled as a manager, and receive commissions from my downline, and now I am just a consultant and get nothing from my downlines sales. Before the new structure came out, you only had to have 5 girls under you with 3 of them active to get commissions from their sales, and I made a great income just from the sales of my downline.  Now, you have to have 10 in your downline with 8 active to receive any type of commission from them. My question to you is, should I stick this out and recruit more or should I look for another company to work with? Thanks in advance! Any response is greatly appreciated.
Upset Manager
Dear Upset Manager,
If I were in your situation I would be a bit bothered also. I would say it is unfair to every consultant that was with the company before this new policy came into effect. Every consultant that was with the company before the rules were changed, should still fall under the old rules. Before you make a decision to remove yourself from the company, try to call the company CEO or marketing manager,  and explain the situation. Let them know that you were with the company before the new rules came into effect and that you feel it is unfair for the consultants that worked hard to get to the old standards. See how that works and what outcome may come from your phone call! If nothing, I would think long and hard about a different career path!
The WAHP Network
Have a question or comment? Send it to us and watch for a response!
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