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Work At Home Mom - With Work At Home Kids

Its summer time and we know what that means. Kids will be home all day. They will expect you to be their maid, taxi and cook on a more demanding level. How will you ever get any work done on your Home Business?

Well, I'm here to share with you my summer plan that I have been doing for years even before I started my Home Business and it gives me the free time that I need plus the kids have always enjoyed my little work at home summer program (and they are teenagers now)

The program is simple, you make up a list of daily chores to be done on weekdays (yes, I give them the weekend off) and post it on the fridge. Each day they are too check off each chore done on their list. At the end of the day I inspect the work if it is done properly they earn "cool points". For each day they completed their chores they earn 25 pts. Now your thinking points? What do they do with these points. Well, they have several options of what they can do with them. When summer begins I make a trip to the store and stock up on candy, batteries, headphones and model cars basically things I know they like. They can choose to buy things from my little store using their points, like for example batteries cost 40 pts. that is my big seller. They use them for their portable CD players. A bag of gummy bears cost 10pts. Basically you can make the point value you want.

Also on top of those things they can also buy a day off from chores. They can buy me cooking their favorite meal or they can buy a massage. Even a day at the beach. Just about anything you want to add to your list of items they can buy. Also, to make things more interesting I give them opportunities to earn bonus points. Like washing my car they earn 75 pts for that. You see, they are always willing to do extra work because there is one BIG item they can buy. But it cost a lot of points 1000 to be exact. They can buy ME. For one whole day I become their servant I do whatever they want (within reason of course). I do their chores, take them to the beach or movies or even clean their room. Basically wait on them hand and foot as if they are a king.

Now there is a catch to this. They have to allow me to work on my Home Business without interruptions. I work two hours in the morning, two in the afternoon and two in the evening. If for any reason I get interrupted unnecessarily, they will get docked 10 pts for each incident. Also, if they do not complete all their chores for the day they will earn no pts for that day.

For those of you trying to work a Home Business or just need some time to yourself but find it hard to do so with the kids home from school this maybe your answer. It keeps them busy plus your house is clean all while you sit at your computer working on your business. This solution makes everyone happy because everyone is getting something out of it. Works for me!


This article was written by Debbie Reyes webmaster of




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